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How to Think Like a Programmer is a bright, accessible, fun read describing the mindset and mental methods of programmers. Anticipating the problems that students have through the character of Brian the Bewildered Wildebeest, the slower pace required for this approach is made interesting and engaging by hand-drawn sketches, frequent (paper-based) activities and the everyday tasks (e.g. coffee making) used as a basis of worked examples.

How to Think Like a Programmer provides a fun and accessible way to learn the mental models needed to approach computational programmable problems.


  • Think Spots - These are points where reflection is needed but no formal exercise is required.
  • Brian the Wildebeest's expression changes to alarm when (like the reader) he may not understand the points being made. He also appears at points where beginning programmers often have trouble.
  • Learning objectives, summaries and reflections appear throughout the text to aid and reinforce learning.
  • Exercises, worked examples and plenty of real life and anecdotal examples bring the subject matter to life.

How to think like a programmer: program design solutions for the bewildered.

Volume two of How to think like a programmer is now available in stores and online and resources are available for both lecturers and students by clicking here.

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